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Enrico Driftwood Bowl LG

Enrico Driftwood Bowl LG

Each of these elegant fruit bowls is a collection of twisted and randomly shaped root pieces painstakingly assembled into an intriguing braided sculpture all its own. Fantastic as a daily fruit bowl, a unique center piece, or simply as a decorative accent. Sizes will vary somewhat and wood tones may vary widely.
  • Made from hand-collected and environmentally-friendly material
  • Each piece is first shaped by the elements and then finished by skilled artisans, so no two are ever alike
  • Gorgeous wood grain and a unique shapes make these great for a wide variety of decorative uses
  • As in nature, color and shape may vary.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 14 L x 14 W x 5 H inches
The root pieces used for this bowl, collected from the forest floor in Northern Thailand, are first shaped by the elements into organic jungle driftwood. The village artisans creating this sculptural collection work with the unique shapes and features present in the raw wood to create practical and beautiful works of art. Jungle Driftwood pieces are just that, driftwood and scrap material left in the forests of Northern Thailand, where our enterprising artisans collect them and turn them into beautiful and functional natural sculptures. These pieces of teak and other hardwoods are hand-carved and finished with an inviting, smoothly buffed wax finish.

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